The Whann Group’s robust biztech technology platform, consisting of both web and mobile applications, enables businesses to deliver products and services to their customers in a best-in-class fashion. Information, including video and audio streaming, can be presented in a live connected session to a customer on their phone. Once finished, the presentation materials along with any related transactional documents are all date and time stamped, delivered to the customer and uploaded to the biztech server.

A unique identifier (hash) of the presentation data can be stored on the Ethereum blockchain using smart contracts. This can be used to verify the authenticity of the biztech presentation data, including any related transactional documents, at a later time proving the data existed in its current form at the time of recording (such operations can involve transaction costs on the Ethereum network).  

The platform’s features include: customer onboarding with ability to upload documentation; information delivery; fillable forms; PDF markup; ability to obtain customer authorization, consent and verification; training and testing functionality; integrated platform database; third party portal integration; intuitive search integration with internal and third party database feeds; point of sale presentations; ability to engage in e-commerce transactions; virtual and mobile sales capability, MyChat Web and MyChat Live.

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